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Vocational Adjustment Training

Exploring the "You" in Work

Discover and develop  your unique strengths, talents, and skills in the employment realm.  This dynamic training goes beyond conventional training and offers a personalized roadmap to self discovery and growth. 

Entering the World of Work

Step confidently into the wold of work with this engaging training.  Here you will gain skills, knowledge, and the mindset needed to conquer employment.  From learning how to decode workplace etiquette to navigating career pathways, this training is your compass for a successful journey into the workforce.  

Skills to Pay the Bills

This training is your passport to career and financial empowerment.  This program will help you hone in on mastering essential workplace skills and prepare to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work with confidence.  

Disability Disclosure Training

Learn how to navigate the complexities of disability disclosure in the workplace. This training is a sanctuary of understanding and empowerment, offering vital knowledge and tools for both employee and employers.  Join the movement toward a more inclusive and empathetic professional world.   

Soft Skills for Work Success

This training is your gateway to unlocking the hidden superpowers that set you apart in the employment arena.  This training is crafted to enhance communication, teamwork and adaptability, turning you into a workplace master. 

Money Smart

Financial empowerment if the focus of this training.  Learn everything from smart spending, saving, and planning for your goals.  This will be your guide to mastering the language of money and making informed financial decisions. Get ready to take control of your financial  destiny while embarking on your path to lasting financial success.  


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